Information is dead: Divide and Rule

Information is power, information is dead. In these days, official media are revealing their real nature and, in the meantime, they are losing credibility. In every channel, in every newspaper, you can read fake news. Radical opposition produce fake news about immigrants and, as an answer, extreme right make fake news about racism. That’s mean we need to pay attention to what we can believe. The problem is that we are not talking about “facebook meme”, we are talking about official media. Why that? What kind of game are they playing? The real truth is that the élite use media to gain popular consesus, to have supporters, they need to create hooligans in both directions, to preserve power on the people. Why we need informations? This is an old system to try to convince ourselves we need someone talking for us. Today, it’s easier, thanks to social media and internet, to find informations and dig up to unmask fake news. So, if informations are not impartial, and they are oriented to protect some economical interest. Why can’t we trust in a web user’s write on facebook more than in an indipendent blogger? Old structures are dying, for the old system it is time to collapse, we are becoming a world community, we don’t need someone talk for the others, we don’t need structure and we don’t need politicians. Social media and internet are helping us to become a real community, in which we could know informations in real time posted by users. We can exchange knowledge and help people all around the world, we can use internet to help other countries to manage their problems, showing what we do to grow up as a society. This is the time for a new shine era, it is time for a change.