Italian pollution

On August 1st 2018, humanity reached the “earth overshoot day”. Many people, especially a lot of tourists, have an image of Italy as a romantic place, with wonderful hills and wine. They printed in their mind this kind of stereotype, but the truth is quite different. USA citizens are 250 milion in a place 80 times bigger then italy, and italians are a quarter of the american people in a much smaller piece of land. The problem is that now Italian people have the same life-style of the americans thanks to consumism. A lot of waste are produced and mostly, the more dangerous ones like toxic waste, are hidden into the ground, in the North and South of Italy. Thanks to this facts, rivers and seas register an high level of pollution. But this is not all, the situation is worst thanks to the support of pollution generated by factories, concrete for buildings, monoculture and manure. The result is that a lot of fish are dying and the Mediterranean sea is empty. Italy is destroyed by concrete, factories, incenerators. Buildings are eating the 40% of the landscape. To make matter worst, the last governement signed a treat with oil companies to permit them escavation in the Mediterranean sea. That’s the reason why whales and dolphins are beached. The ridicolous think is that if italians try to use alternative energy, they need to pay a lot of taxes to the same companies that manage oil.